About Us

The MarketHER is a group of like-minded professionals working together to deliver top quality marketing, events, branding and business services. We provide services that allow your brand to thrive in an everchanging world and leverage strengths to create a customized roadmap to success. Our full-service creative and digital marketing agency is a small team known for making big impact. We work hard to show our customers how big small can be. 

Myesha Jones, Marketing Manager, has over 10 years of marketing, project management and strategic planning experience. Myesha will help drive your project forward while ensuring the MarketHER team produces supreme results and ROI for all clients. 


LeAmber Stephens, Brand Manager, oversees all visuals and brand design. Whether you need a renewed look to enhance your brand's experience and message or need help defining your brand identity and image, let our visual communication specialists assist. 

Keege Elliot, Digital Marketing Manager, manages all digital marketing including social media, website design, SEO, eCommerce, content marketing and more. Our digital team will increase your visibility online and enlarge your brand, ultimately converting followers into customers.


We also have experience in handling a variety of legal-related business issues. Our business law and litigation services are designed to help protect your business.

Our team has nearly 20 years of experience that we are ready to use for you. We’re here to turn your profits into passion — talk to us about how we can help.

Myesha Jones
LeAmber Stephens
Keege Elliot